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"Spark The Sky," Spike/Lindsey, Part One - Fire Fic Creations for Renee's Fund
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August 2008

Wycked posting in Fire Fiction Multifandom Charity Fic and Art
User: fire_fiction (posted by nyghtpet)
Date: 2008-08-19 23:26
Subject: "Spark The Sky," Spike/Lindsey, Part One
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TITLE: Spark The Sky
PAIRING: Spike/Lindsey
SUMMARY: For novascotiasam, requested for fire_fic. Sequel to my Spike/Lindsey AU fic, "Lightning And Dust." It’s been a good year for our outlaws, but a black hat has caught onto their trail. What happens when Lindsey is the only one who can save Spike from an untimely end?
DISCLAIMER: Joss owns them, I don’t

Wanted Poster by kid_viciously. Miss you, sweetie. *hugs you hard*

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Spark The Sky, Part One
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