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Fire Fic Creations for Renee's Fund

Donated Fic and Art

Fire Fiction Multifandom Charity Fic and Art
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Charity fiction
Welcome, fire_fic donors, authors and artists. This is a place where you can house your work.

All donors, artists and authors are invited -- and encouraged -- to post their stories and art here.

Thank you for your time, talent, and generosity. Every word, every keystroke and brushstroke will help Renee and her boys get back on their feet.

The fire that changed their lives took minutes; the recovery of material goods will take months, maybe even years. The recovery of their peace of mind may take much, much longer. But just knowing that strangers -- fans with the heart and mind to help -- are out here, remembering will help Renee cope.

And besides, doing good by creating something you enjoy, that makes you laugh or smile or gives you that certain tingle -- you can't go wrong with that.

If you've stumbled on this community by some happy accident, you can learn more about this fundraising effort by visiting fire_fic.

Thank you.

Your maintainers, sweptawaybayou and lostakasha